A mouth guard should be an integral part of any athlete’s kit and we’re pleased to be able to offer Mouthguards to protect your patients’ smiles. Not only are these awesome mouth guards available in a range of colors and patterns, they can be customized to offer 6 varying degrees of protection, per risks of the sport that the wearer plays. For example, the higher the chance of receiving high intensity blows, the greater the recommended level of mouth guard protection.
Mouthguards can help prevent lacerations to the lips, chin, and cheeks, as well as guard against broken or displaced teeth, permanent jaw or neck injuries, and concussions.


  • Ideal for patients who need to protect their teeth during sports activities
  • Particularly suited to those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment and need mouth protection
  • Can be worn with a variety of orthodontic brace systems


  • Can be worn with a variety of orthodontic brace systems



  • Custom fitted for better protection
  • More comfortable so that athletes will want to wear it
  • Designed to make breathing and speaking easier
  • Absorbs and redistributes energy from blows
  • Can be customized to match team colors