Nobel Biocare are the true pioneers in the field of implant-based dental restorations. With over 60 years of experience behind them, the company has around 3000 products to help dentists treat their patients. Offering a multitude of solutions for all cases they offer some of the most cutting-edge implants in dentistry. They’re light and durable and their implant to abutment connection is second to none, making for the best possible secure fit.


  • Suitable for use as a foundation when anchoring tooth replacements into either jaw
  • Ideal for retaining an over-denture
  • State-of-the-art metal technology allows speedy osseointegration


  • Pre-operation evaluation of the patient is necessary to ensure there are no factors which could put them at risk during the surgery itself or which may affect the capability of the bone to heal
  • Should not be used in patients who are medically unfit for surgery
  • Patients need to have sufficient volume of bone to support implants and anticipated functional load


  • Clinical success since 1965
  • Unique design allows for superior stability and excellent aesthetics even in compromised bone situations
  • One implant system for all your needs
  • Speedy implants designed for 4 on 4 immediate treatment concept


  • More expensive than most other dental implants
  • Certain implants can be more difficult to use in the mandible than the maxilla