Removable partial dentures provide a realistic alternative to implants or fixed bridgework as a means of replacing missing teeth, and are a good solution for the budget conscious patient. We provide both cast metal partials and flexible partials which are lightweight, comfortable, and strong.

With decades of experience our removable team views the design and fabrication of our RPD’s as a form of artwork. Using only the highest quality metal alloys, we draw on a European inspired design and style, to deliver a cast that’s lightweight, super thin, strong, and durable. Like our removable restorations, our cast partials include aesthetically pleasing denture teeth with convincing acrylic flesh tones carefully blended to create a natural looking gum tissue. Easily removable by the patient when not in use, our RPD’s give a perfect balance of function and comfort.

Innovative thermoplastic materials are used in all our removable partials which are lightweight, thin, and easy to insert. Their lifelike pink shades also mean they blend in seamlessly for a natural looking smile. Offering a slick finish, they are highly resistant to stains and odors and won’t discolor.

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